Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Bi+ Health Awareness Month

Elizabeth interviews Gabrielle Blonder of the Bisexual Resource Center about Bi+ Health Awareness Month 2022.

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Bi+ Health Awareness Month 2022

Bisexual Resource Center

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Instagram: @bisexualresourcecenter

Facebook: Bisexual Resource Center

Twitter: @brc_central

Meetup: Bi Community Activities

Saturday, March 12, 2022

Maxfield Sparrow of AANE

Elizabeth and Ames interview Maxfield Sparrow, a peer support group facilitator for AANE. Max runs gender identity support groups for autistic adults.

Max is also a co-founder and former co-facilitator of The Colorado Trans Autistic Peer Support Group.

AANE (The Asperger/Autism Network) - One of the oldest organizations established to serve the needs of people with the "Asperger/autism profile." AANE offers a wide range of supports, events, and services for individuals and families. AANE values autistic voices, accessibility, and inclusion.

Dr. Nick Walker is one of the three folx who independently-yet-simultaneously coined the term "neuroqueer" and joined forces to bring the idea of neuroqueering forward. Her essay, "Neuroqueer: An Introduction" is the best starting point for exploring these ideas.